Lunchboxes with ham

When you’ve opened a packet of ham, you have to finish it. So here are two lunchbox ideas.Ham_Lunchbox1

Ham and coleslaw (made from shredded white cabbage, carrot and onion; with 50/50 mayonnaise/low fat yogurt, plus a squeeze of lemon juice and a dab of Dijon mustard):






Rice salad (made from brown rice, petit pois and spring onions, with oil and vinegar dressing:


As always, they both come with cherry vine tomatoes, beetroot, spring onions, carrot sticks and oil and vinegar dressing.


Lunch box left-overs again – Japanese rice salad


Following on from the Chilli con Carne I had some left-over brown rice.

I rinsed it with cold water, drained it and put it in the fridge. It’s important to cool cooked rice immediately as it can be fertile ground for bacteria.

I mixed the rice with sliced spring onions, cooked (frozen) soya beans and petit pois, diced cucumber, and sesame seeds. To this mixture I added a dressing made from grated fresh ginger, chilli flakes, oil, soy sauce, vinegar and a drop of toasted sesame oil.

So this 750ml square ‘Lock & Lock‘  box contains Japanese Rice Salad, together with small tomatoes, beetroot, spring onions, carrot sticks and oil & vinegar dressing,