Small time kitchen gardening

Parsley,sage, rosemary & thyme; plus mint & chives

Parsley,sage, rosemary & thyme; plus mint & chives

It’s now late September and I have large quantities of common herbs you’d expect to use in everyday cooking in my garden.

These all originated from pots of cooking herbs bought in supermarkets – often the items planted outside were pots which were way past their sell-by-date and reduced to a few stalks.

I find that most supermarket herbs do very well: sage, thyme, parsley (curly/flat), chives, mint and rosemary. The only one I have a problem with is coriander which always goes to seed rapidly.

All my herbs are in pots (many which I’ve acquired via Freecycle), planted in compost made from food/garden waste, on the edge of my patio. They can look extremely attractive (rosemary, thyme and sage all produce flowers on the bluey-pink spectrum) and are a target for butterflies.

As far as pests are concerned, slugs and snails love parsley. To avoid the problem I stuck cooper tape on the outside of the pots (they don’t don’t like the electric shock as they slither over the copper tape). I’m told that spraying the outside of the pots with WD-40 also deters these havoc reeking gastropods, as the poor things keep sliding downwards!


Chilli plant against south-facing wall

I also bought a supermarket chilli plant late last year, which by May was looking fairly sick. I re-potted it in a much larger pot, and it is now thickly covered in green chillies. I suspect this will need bring back into the house soon, but for now, I’m trying to take advantage of the early Autumn sun while the weather is still frost-free.