Christmas stuffing


No it’s not a recipe, it’s just me being exasperated by the enormous gap between the best and worse Christmas experiences in the UK.

I am so fed up with those supermarket Christmas ads featuring tables groaning with food. It’s odd that they remind me of a Rennie (indigestion remedy) Christmas advert a few years ago which made me feel quite ill. I’m sure my visit to Waitrose to pick up my goose on Christmas Eve, will be the usual shopping hell, with people buying like WW3 has been declared, ramming their trolleys into your Achilles tendons – this may have something to do with living in South East England, as a few years ago I spent Christmas in Fife and the Christmas Eve shoppers at Morrisons in St Andrews were actually very friendly.

Anyway it’s becoming quite obvious that many people in the UK aren’t in a position to go mad with their pre-Christmas shopping – they’ll be dining off of a Food Bank food parcel on the 25th. Even places as affluent a Richmond-upon-Thames (in south-west London) are seeing the increasing use of the local Food Bank.

I write this while the House of Commons debates the subject of food banks, I doubt it will make much difference, but at least it will provide more publicity about the growing problem of UK citizens not having enough cash to buy food.


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