Brussels sprouts – love `em or hate `em?


Personally I hate Brussels sprouts. I haven’t cooked one for decades, but I may have eaten one or two at office Christmas lunches (in my former life). It’s not that I don’t like green vegetables – this couldn’t possibly be the case, as only yesterday evening I cooked a ‘green risotto‘ (more about this tomorrow).

They just don’t – in my opinion – taste nice.

I now see that Waitrose has come up with the ‘Kid Friendly’ sprout. I’m not sure why they’ve restricted the name to ‘children’, I’m sure there must be a lot of adults who hate this awful vegetable as well, particularly as “previous polls have suggested nearly a third of the sprouts bought in the run-up to Christmas Day are actually eaten” (ie more than 2/3rds are wasted!).

Mind you, as far as waste is concerned, given that most pre-Christmas supermarket shoppers appear to be stocking up for WW3, this enormous rate of food waste may not be unique to Brussels sprouts!


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