Food intolerant fascists

I am definitely omnivorous. Generally, as well as food is decently cooked/prepared and tasty, I’m quite happy. I consume meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, whatever….  So I felt that this article was expressing my views for once, and I think my ‘fascist’ label is quite justified (see penultimate paragraph: “Disney Channel was forced to pull an episode of its children’s show Jessie that made fun of a child with a long list of dietary requests, after outraged complaints from parents of gluten-intolerant children.”).

I don’t doubt that Coeliacs need a gluten-free diet, but I remain dubious about the rest of us.

I particularly liked the quote: “They eat a huge bowl of pasta and experience lethargy, bloating, weight gain and decide they must have a food intolerance, but they’ve just eaten too much pasta.” I must say I always attributed feeling this to simply eating too much carbohydrate which always makes me feel sleepy anyway!

It’s also interesting that manufactured gluten-free products contain a lot of additives and increased amounts of fat, something of which an earlier group of food fascists were equally intolerant!

If course, if you don’t want to consume gluten you could avoid it by not buying processed food. But if you are buying gluten-free products you are increasing the profits of the global food manufacturers.

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