Is the Caramel Macchiato on the way out?


This Guardian Blog suggests that filter coffee may be making a comeback.

Not the stuff that’s been boiling away for hours and is virtually undrinkable, but “specialist coffee shops” serving “single-origin arabicas from, say, Ethiopia or Kenya, which require a gentler brewing process”, and (apparently) Weatherspoons!

I can’t help thinking that many of the drinks on Starbucks’ menu were invented because as they sound very complicated, Starbucks can charge the earth for them.  But then consider an English Breakfast Tea – one teabag and more or less, boiling water and cold milk, depending on the drink size requested. The container must cost many times the cost of the teabag (probably less than 1p a go to Starbucks)!

So if coffee shops can make huge profit margins on tea, I don’t suppose that what appears to be basic coffee will prove a problem.

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