Getting worked up about jam

Black Currant Jam-horz

Images: Look at Your Life…Look at Your Choices & Feasting on Art

I can’t say that I’ve previously paid much attention to the sugar content of jam up to now. I very rarely eat jam anyway. But I did wonder at Liberal Democrat MP Tessa Munt saying that proposed changes in government regulations (allowing ‘jam like’ products containing less than 60% sugar to be described as ‘jam’) would result in fruit spreads which “tasted like mud”.

This Guardian article suggests that you can make excellent  with significantly less sugar than the amount recommended by Ms Munt.

I tend to side with one of the many comments on the Guardian article: “Nothing proposed here will require any jam manufacturer to change anything. …… If you like jam made mostly of sugar (because it’s cheaper than making it with more fruit) then just carry on as before”).


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