Food aversions: milk puddings

From Why do we turn up our noses at certain foods? from the BBC website, I learn that “one re-occurring theme to come out of the study was a very British aversion to milk puddings – semolina and rice pudding – often associated with school dinners of the 50s and 60s”.

Well I’m one of those people who had to endure such atrocities under the British education system, but I can’t say that it’s affected me in the long-term, although I have never knowingly eaten semolina pudding since (but isn’t the texture of polenta, which I love, similar?). I also like rice pudding, but it should be cold, and preferably flavoured with cardamom. We also had horrendous lumpy custard at school, but I now find Bird’s Custard with stewed fruit or apple crumble very comforting.

I’m just wondering whether those who went to school later and didn’t have to eat this stuff, have an entirely different attitude to milk puddings?

I should also add that I tried to find some truly horrible ‘school dinner’ images for milk puddings online to go with this post. There was nothing suitable – thankfully things have moved on – a very long way!

If you have any views please share your comments on this blog.

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