Expensive artisan chocolate and maths


This article in the Independent doesn’t seem very well received judging by the eight comments made so far.

As for the La Molina Nocciolato Gianduja hazelnut dark chocolate: “Probably the most you’ll ever pay for a chocolate bar, but worth it as it’s completely addictive”, this (in italics) is just incorrect. A search of the Selfridges’ website reveals Giant Toblerone milk chocolate 4.5kg £89.99 (cheap (?) at 1.99 per 100g). OK at £16.49 La Molina’s product is the most expensive in absolute terms, but in terms of price per 100g it is only the sixth most expensive of the 10 chosen ‘luxury’ bars.

So this article is quite misleading in terms of ‘value for money’ – not that any of the chosen bars could realistically be described by that phrase. I think it would have been far more useful if the article had covered a blind tasting of similar products over a wide price range. Does anyone really want to pay £10.71 for a 70g bar of chocolate even if “the results are to die for”?

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