Duck Soup


Not only a Marx Brothers’ film but also a hastily put together supper which was consumed the other evening.

There was not a great deal to distinguish this soup from Pork belly noodle soup, except that the meat content was a duck leg rather than pork belly. When I made the Cassoulet at the weekend, I had to defrost two duck legs (one for the cassoulet and one left over). So I boned both legs, and used the bones together with an onion, a carrot, a stick of celery and some herbs to make stock for this soup.

I also marinated the spare boned duck leg (overnight) in a mixture of soy sauce, shaoxing rice wine, sesame seed oil and some ground Szechuan pepper. The following morning, I roasted it at 180C (Gas Mark 4) for about 35 minutes. then allowed it to cool.

Apart from the duck (and the duck stock) the recipe was just the same as before, except that shortly before I was about to serve the soup, I reheated the duck leg in the microwave, then sliced it, and placed the slices on top of the soup.


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