It’s sensible not eat food past its use-by-date

This post is related to yesterday’s, but there is a difference: use-by-dates are not the same as sell-by-dates.

As I mentioned yesterday certain items: meat, fish and (as The Mirror mentions) “pre-prepared salads are a health hazard after their date stamp”.

I do think that the Mirror’s message, which is sound, has largely been obscured by the ‘fridge’ image accompanying the article. With the possible exception of the jug of orange juice, nothing in that fridge is going to affect your health if eaten post the supermarket’s ‘display until’/’sell-by-date’. If the same produce had been purchased at a greengrocers or in a market it wouldn’t have a sell-by-date anyway.

So in future I suggest that The Mirror tries to match the message its text is trying to convey with the imagery it uses.



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