Eating food that’s past its sell-by-date

sell-by-dateAs readers may have noticed, many of my recipes feature food that is near or slightly past its sell-by-date. My rule is that if it hasn’t previously been walking around, flying or swimming (ie it was alive but was slaughtered etc prior to you buying it), then if it smells and tastes OK it’s probably edible (I suggest individual readers use their own judgement here and I take no responsibility for your decisions!). Please don’t apply this rule to  oysters which should actually be alive when you eat them – eating dead oysters could make you very ill!

Anyway, having set the scene, here’s an article featuring some extreme post sell-by-date consumption – six weeks in the case of yogurt (and you’ll need to scrap off the mould) – sounds like a simple case of bad fridge management to me!


One thought on “Eating food that’s past its sell-by-date

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