Fruit and veg really are good for you


This article covers a European epidemiological study which analysed 25,682 deaths (10,438 due to cancer and 5,125 due to cardiovascular disease) among the 451,151 participants (in ten European countries) studied over more than 13 years.

“According to the results, a combined fruit and vegetable consumption of more than 569 grams per day reduces the risk of mortality by 10% and delays the risk of mortality by 1.12 years compared to a consumption of less than 249 grams per day.”

“Furthermore, for every 200 gram increase in daily fruit and vegetable consumption, the risk falls by 6%. ”

Unfortunately I can’t access the full paper – not unless I want to pay $35 for the opportunity – but there is an abstract that’s accessible.

My main question is how did they accurately measure the fruit and veg intake of those 451,151 Europeans?


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