Rising food prices are hard to digest


The results of this Which? Survey were covered extensively in yesterday’s media, leading to headlines such as: ‘Rising food costs causing ‘stress’ – Which? survey‘; ‘41% ‘stressed by food price rise’‘; and ‘One in three Britons struggling to feed themselves‘.

It’s difficult to elaborate on the headlines as there seems to be no ‘background’ to this survey. But with 77% of people saying that “their household income has stayed the same or decreased” at the same time as food prices have significantly risen, then the weekly shop will be a definite stress point.

Most of the comments made in response to these articles are full of the predictable prejudice and bigotry of the smug middle class who appear to have excellent knowledge on how to feed a family on 20 quid a week. but probably have yet to practise it!

Maybe it is time for supermarkets to lavishly promote the truly cheap and nutritious use of their products along the lines of A Girl Called Jack!


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