Tunnock’s, or Lidl’s?


Lidl have a new product: Caramel Wafer Bars. They look surprisingly like the real thing (that wonderful Scottish biscuit): the Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Coated Caramel Wafer but  my husband says they are less sugary (I can’t tell as I’ve yet to do a blind tasting). As with most Lidl look-a-likes they are about half the price of the original.

I should imagine that selling clones could be challenged by the originator as ‘passing off’, but Lidl don’t seem to have a problem. Often when I go into Lidl and walk past the alcohol shelves I think that I’m back in some 1980s Spanish supermarket where they used to sell ‘counterfeit’ bottles of Gordon’s Gin barely distinguishable from the real thing). Lidl also has another look-a-like ‘Scottish’ product: ‘Iron Brew’ (label features man wearing a kilt), clearly a cheap version of Irn Bru.

Back to another Scottish Tunnock’s product (not cloned by Lidl): the Tunnock’s Teacake (unsurpassed by any other teacake as far as I’m concerned), here’s a bizarre story about exploding Tunnock’s Teacakes in a 1960s RAF V Bomber!


2 thoughts on “Tunnock’s, or Lidl’s?

  1. Interesting, as Irn Bru was Iron Brew originally, but had to change the name in 1946 because of a change in some law. Since it isnt actually brewed, it couldnt have ‘ Brew’ in it’s name!

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