Tempting Confectionery


Image from: Should supermarkets keep treats away from tills?

While  the British Dietetic Association and the Children’s Food Campaign are urging the Government to revisit proposals to ban unhealthy food from supermarket checkouts (see: ‘Sweets at supermarket tills are ‘fuelling obesity crisis’); over in the USA, Mars have come up with nine new products to tempt us to eat even more sugary snacks (see: ‘US: Mars lines up confectionery launches for 2014‘).

These new creations will be showcased at The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing Show in Atlanta in October. OK they’re being rolled-out for the US market, but they’re sure to be over here soon. Initially I thought that the ‘Fuel’ in ‘Convenience & Fuel Retailing Show’ referred to fuelling the human body, but on second thoughts it’s probably a trade show aimed at convenience stores and gas stations.

I didn’t even know that there was more than one flavour of Snickers! What on earth will ‘Birthday Cake flavour’ M&Ms (‘M&S’ is a typo in the article – not the only one) taste like?

With nine new products to sell, I wonder if any of the old ones will disappear? If not, and if the Government takes no further action on ‘unhealthy tills’, then they’ll need to build bigger checkouts.


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