Kraft – don’t mess with our chocolate!


I don’t buy Cadbury’s chocolate so it was news to me when I came across this article on the web: ‘Cadbury facing revolt over new Dairy Milk‘.

According to the article (unbeknown to me) Kraft has “changed the bar from its classical rectangle shape to curved segments” – how could they – it’s a British icon?

There have also been suggestions that the recipe has changed (strongly denied by Kraft). “In a forum on the Mumsnet website devoted to the topic, hundreds of parents have claimed the bars are now “oily”, “too sugary” or “sickly””. I’m sure it’s possible that the texture of food can affect the taste, and in the case of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – first made in 1905 – I should imagine that the mere sight of the new shaped bar could change your perception of taste.

So what next? I recall that Heinz withdrew Salad Cream from the market (due to lack of demand?), and Coco-Cola tried rebranding their main product – both were forced to retreat. Here are other seriously wrong rebranding exercises that were reversed: ‘14 Companies That Reversed Their Horrible Attempts At Rebranding‘.

Will there be a campaign to make Kraft reverse its decision? Well it’s already happened on facebook ‘Bring back the old shape Dairy Milk‘.

You can also let me know what you think here:


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