Mega-bakers fear problems with more salt reductions


The tasty looking loaf (right) is from: The Little Loaf

The UK’s mega-backers who produce all that tasteless spongy bread using the Chorleywood Method think that government imposed further salt cuts will pose problems for their manufacturing process.

Maybe it will, you need salt for added flavour (especially) if you are using cheap ingredients, and it seems that salt also serves to strengthen gluten (British wheat has less gluten than wheat produced in North America). However salt also decreases the fermentation activity of yeast, so less of it might make their bread-making even faster!

I have made very tasty bread containing nothing other than wholemeal/white flour (50/50), water, yeast, sugar and a bit of oil to ‘paint’ on the top of the loaf  to improve the crust. It tastes even better if you knead in a few seeds (sunflower, pumpkin and linseed), before leaving it to prove prior baking.

Homemade bread is much tastier a more satisfying that much of the bread you can buy in the shops. I’m not including ‘artisan bread’ in this ‘bad bread’ category, but then artisan bread if often quite expensive. You get what you pay for, but if you put in the same amount of effort yourself you can have inexpensive, tasty, satisfying bread.

In my opinion you don’t need a breadmaking machine. Yes, making decent bread is a long process, but it actually ties up very little of your time. You just need to be available to do the kneading and baking and the timing can be flexible depending on the ambient temperature during the proving process and the quantity of yeast used. There’s also very little more therapeutic than kneading dough!

I’ll be dealing with the bread-making process in a later post. Meanwhile here’s my daughter’s efforts with sourdough.


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