Let them eat dog food?

Reactions to Michael Gove’s recent unhelpful comments about food bank users, have at least ensured that more people are aware of the need for these facilities.

I paid a rare visit to my local Tesco store last weekend (only because Lidl had no Ibuprofen and it’s nearby!). They were collecting for the local food bank (I added some baked beans, tuna and tinned tomatoes).

Included in the collection was a large packet of Bakers Complete. I’ve done some research which suggests that food banks in the UK do not normally provide pet food. For example, the London Food Bank says “we offer the only UK pet food bank to keep familie [sic] units together in crises pets are first to go, in our area we have saved huge numbers from being dumped, strangely the pet food bank gets more donations than the peoples food bank”. The Trussell Trust, which runs food banks throughout the UK, feeding 346,992 people in 2012/13, also suggests this to be the case.

I’m sure the donor was a well meaning pet lover (and to be fair there was no obvious guidance on what to donate) – the only other interpretation is unthinkable!

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