Feeding the 5K or let them eat waste


This article has nothing to do with Parkrun nor the “miracle of the five loaves and two fishes”. It’s about the reinvention of gleaning (another biblical reference).

Modern horticulture tends to waste food because perfectly good crops remain in the ground due to harvesting machinery not being 100% efficient. There is also the point at which PYO operations cease to be commercial (ie customers want the ‘easy pickings’). New ‘gleaning’ involves coordinating teams of volunteers, local farmers and food redistribution charities in order to salvage fresh, nutritious food and direct it to those that need it most.

You can find out more at Feeding the 5000 and at the same time you can also pledge to reduce your food waste (a thing this blog is devoted to)  and encourage businesses to do the same. There’s also coverage here ‘How ‘gleaners’ are helping farmers target food waste‘.


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