What can I eat after dental surgery?


Image from: http://thedentalimplantclinic.com/

I recently discovered that one of my upper canine teeth was beyond repair; a result of fall flat on my face in the street some years ago – I wasn’t drunk, honest! So I embarked on the long, painful and expensive road to a new fixed tooth. This involves having the old one removed, waiting for it to heal (about two months), having an ‘implant’ implanted; and finally after another couple of months getting my new tooth. How they do it in a week in Hungary or India, I do not know!

Well it’s now three days after having the ‘implant’ implanted, and I’m rapidly running out of ideas about what to eat. With stitches in my palate, even something like eating slices of cucumber can hurt.

So it’s been:

  • Breakfast: fruit compote with some ground up linseed (ground in an electric coffer grinder) with added water and Greek yogurt. The linseed makes you feel fuller;
  • Lunch: sandwiches – soft wholemeal bread with tuna mayonnaise or chopped celery and grated cheese mayonnaise have been OK;
  • Dinner: macaroni cheese with grilled tomatoes or fish pie (haddock in parsley sauce with mashed potato on top, baked in the oven (like shepherds pie));
  • Other ideas: soup, jacket potato with baked beans and cheese – what else?

Maybe I just repeat this stuff? Anyway it can’t possibly last more than another week – can it?


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