Beanz Meanz you need to be careful


In 10 August the Guardian ‘Cook’ supplement ran a feature on The 10 Best Campfire Recipes this included what looks like a tasty recipe for Cowboy Baked Beans – although the time it takes to cook could mean that you don’t see much outside your chosen camp site.

Assuming that these recipes are aimed at everyone, not just experienced cooks, not including the warning that dried beans should be fast boiled for 10 minutes prior to simmering, was a rather serious omission. I contacted the people who work on the Cook supplement and got the response: “I’ll drop a line to the recipe writers to double check the methods with them, we appreciate you bringing these details to our attention.”. Sounds like the recipes are not tested – not quite the same as Good Housekeeping where “Each and every recipe is tested at least three times”.

I looked up this problem on the web, to find that NHS Choices limited its warning to red kidney beans and soya beans, but that wikihow warned about all types of uncooked beans. I always thought that the only pulses that didn’t require this treatment were lentils.

I’ll continue to fast boil all my beans for at least 10 minutes – better safe than sorry!


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