Setting the scene

Last week Sainburys had a deal on legs of New Zealand lamb. I had intended to only buy half a shoulder of lamb as I wanted to make lamb, squash and orzo stew.

The legs were altogether cheaper, so I bought one and carried out some amateur butchering. The bone was used for the stock required for this recipe (using up some green parts of leeks which had been left over for a few weeks, as well as celery, carrot, onion and a courgette). I had masses of stock left over so I made something which I would describe as Scotch Broth. This was a thick soup made from onions and a number of root veg which, yet again, were left overs (celeriac (the rest had been used for remoulade); swede (left over from Burns Night); and a parsnip (left over from Christmas – things last a long time in a crate in the garage in winter!); pearl barley; and some frozen petit pois (added just before eating). This in itself contributed to two meals.

Back to the butchering: I divided the meat into three pieces. The shank was used in the stew recipe above. The nice lean bit (the thigh?), I rolled and tied, and this was frozen along with the third portion.

I have since defrosted the thigh, seasoned it with ras el hanout and slow roasted it, served with harissa couscous and roasted vegetables. The third portion will probably end up in a Kashmiri curry.

No photos this time, as I only decided to start this blog yesterday. In future there will be images!


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